How to set up an online store with WordPress

Online shop is the most convenient way to buy something what we want without leaving our house. It can help us save our time and energy in going to physical store. But how do we sell our product online? What do we need in order for us to have an online shop? In this tutorial, I’m gonna show you how to setup your online shop using WordPress.

There are many ecommerce platforms for your shop that we could use, but since this tutorial is for WordPress we are going to use Woocommerce. To know more about some other ecommerce platforms, you can check the following list:

And many more …

Quick overview: What is ecommerce?

Ecommerce refers to commercial transactions conducted online. This means that whenever you buy and sell something using the Internet, you’re involved in ecommerce. Read more here

Creating your online store

In this tutorial, we’re assuming you already have your website up and running using WordPress cms. If you don’t have your website yet, you can check out my blog about getting started with WordPress website here.

1. To start setting up your online store, you must login to your wp-admin account.
wordpress wp-admin

2. Once you’re login to your wp-admin, you will be redirected to your admin dashboard.

3. On the left column of the page, click Plugins on the navigation and add new plugin
wp-admin plugins

4. Search for Woocommerce in the plugin page and click install.

5. Activate woocommerce plugin. activate woocommerce

6. When WooCommerce is activated for the first time, the WooCommerce Setup Wizard helps you set up your shop. Select Let’s go! to get started. Or select Not Right Now if you prefer to manually set up your WooCommerce shop.
woocommerce setup

7. Configure your store’s basic settings:

  • Store local setup
  • Shipping and Tax setup
  • Payment

8. Select a theme and style for your store. You can checkout the list of themes here.

9. Adding your first Woocommerce product.
To get started with adding your product:

  • Go to your dashboard and look for the new product tab. It will bring up in a new page upon clicking on it.
  • Adding new product
  • Scroll down to product data widget. Configure settings according to your needs for your shop.
  • And finally, don’t forget to add your featured product images and the gallery for your product images.

10. Save all your work and publish your product on your shop.

Hooray! You have just finished setting up your online shop with your first product online using WordPress Woocommerce. For more question don’t hesitate to contact/hire me.